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The KEYSTONE Street Sweeping Brooms and Brushes are sweeping America.  We offer many standard and alternative solutions to your street sweeping needs. Keeping our roads safe and clean is what we do and  we understand sweeping and the many challenges that are faced everyday. 

Wafer Sections


Street Sweeping, Road Construction, Tractor Mount Sweepers, Skid Steer Loaders.

Wafers are the most common broom for the construction market. Most notable, the front tow behind and tractor mounted attachments

The wafer is constructed with a inner ring (ID diameter of the inside ring) that has the sweeping material (Wire,Poly, Combo) protruding from the ring (OD – the overalldiameter). The drive pins are posts that are driven bythe wafer rack.


Flat (1-pin):
Steel spacers required to maintain uniform spacing between wafers.
Convoluted (2-pin):
‘Spacer less’ installation – wafer ring is shaped (waved inner ring) to create it own spacing.

Filament (Bristles)

Normal sweeping, more ‘flick action’.
Aggressive sweeping, more ‘cutting action’.
Poly and wire in one wafer. Provide the combined benefits of both wire and poly wafers. More convenient installation and allows for one inventory.
Wafer Sizes:
Keystone manufactures wafers in all industry standard IDs
(5″, 6-3/8″, 7-1/4″, 8-1/8″ and 10″.