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Terex offers a heavy-duty light tower to fit virtually any lighting need — from construction sites and sporting events to mining and oil field applications. Terex light towers include a variety of features and options to help improve the productivity of each unit for your specific jobsite needs.


From installation to operation, ECCO products are engineered to perform. That means they’re easy to understand, straightforward to operate, and convenient to maintain

The Terex RL4 is a durable, cost effective solution for jobsite lighting. The 23 ft (7.13 m) extended-height floodlight tower provides 4,000 Watts of light. 359º non-continuous tower rotation allows for pinpoint light positioning.

The Terex® AL™4 model line offers heavy-duty light towers to fit virtually any lighting need — from construction sites and sporting events to mining and oil field applications.

The Terex® AL™5 is an industrial heavy duty light tower built to light up the toughest job sites — from construction and mining to oil field applications.

The Terex® AL™5 HT features a hydraulic articulating tower with the option for up to 8,000 Watts of light. No matter what your lighting needs, the AL™5 series of light towers offers the options and durability to deliver consistent, reliable light to your jobsite.

Be Seen and Be Safe

ECCO beacons ensure that you, your team, and your equipment can be seen clearly. With advanced features and rugged dependability, warning beacons from ECCO are a dependable investment in the security of your operation.

Establish a Commanding Presence

ECCO lightbars are trusted by professionals across the globe, and for good reason. With durability and design that are unmatched in the field, lightbars from ECCO feature a multitude of functions in one single product, making them top of the list for operators.

Big on Performance, Designed to Fit Your Needs

ECCO minibars create a commanding presence for the operator and equipment. Designed and built for maximum visual impact in a compact design, sleek and powerful minibars from ECCO make great additions to new rigs or trusted equipment.

Give Direction with Clarity

Most ECCO directionals offer 180 degree coverage, multiple flash patterns, and various mounting options providing superior warning capability. Many come in single-, split-, dual-, and tri-color options doubling or tripling the warning with half the hassle.